Legend Fun board game store 

位於台北士林的桌上遊戲專賣店整體識別設計規劃,取桌上遊戲的「桌子」為主要概念發展,Logo部分將名字LEGEND FUN與桌子的桌角結合,並將概念延伸至其他執行項目,像是拿到傳單的人可以自己跟著折線折成一張桌子,店內空間與廁所紙標也都帶入桌子的立體概念,此概念也延伸至櫃台、門牌、menu等製作物。

Located in Shilin, Taipei City, Legend Fun is a board games store selling a variety of games and triggering clashes of intelligence for all walks of life. The concept of Legend Fun’s identity design is developed based on the literal meaning of “table.” We combine the name Legend Fun with the legs of the table to present the logo identity and image. Such concept of design is also extended and applied to other objects in the shop. For example, customers can fold the flyer based on the given hint of broken line and make it a paper table. The design concept of “table” is broadly applied to the interior design of the shop, restroom wayfinding, counter, door sign, menu and so on.

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design@2016, Jun., Taipei, Taiwan