Hello everyone! 

Following illustrations are a collection of digitally painted landscapes I've created during the last year. There are some personal pieces as well as comission work. I hope you enjoy!

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«Quiet Flood» is inspired by my favourite game Final Fantasy IX.
After watching Star Wars the idea for this painting came to my mind. 
«Tribute to Agalloch» is dedicated to Agalloch, an American Metal band that split up last year.
«Red Zebra» is a speed painting which took me 1.5 hours to complete.
I painted this landscape while lying in bed for three weeks due to some ligament raptures. I called it «Salvation».
«My Last Journey» is a very personal piece. Last year I turned vegan in consequense of some documentaries I saw about the animal industry. With this painting I wanted to advocate other people about the artrocities animals have to suffer because of our habits of consuming animal products.
«New Lands»
«The Valles of Plague»
«Jiji's Journey Through the Forest» is inspired by my colleague, who created a figurine of Jiji, a character of the famous Ghibli movie «Kiki's Delivery Express».
Two speed paintings on which I tried out new color concepts.
An illustration for the Caritas Magazin, Switzerland.