The Rainmaker
An installation depicting the typical British Summer.
Before stepping into the real London, I have used the help of the virtual world - be it TFL or the BBC weather forecast widget. The typical ‘British Summer’ has inspired me into creating my visual around the rain. I call myself ‘The Rain-Maker’, literally. As I am attempting to ‘make’ rain, using a screen-printed fabric (on which it is raining cats, dogs, fish, alligators amongst other animals), giant paper cutouts, and an intricately hand crafted umbrella, creating an urban-scape above it.
The sketch of the installation
Understanding the space and proportions.
Making the unbrella.
Executing the umbrella
Pattern exploration for the paper cutouts.
The completed giant paper cutouts.
It is raining cats, dogs alligators amongst other animals that have rained - across England 
over the past 60 years; on the pattern of this fabric.
Printing the fabric in the studio
The completed fabric
The Rainmaker - Installation.