In early 2016 (yes, it has taken me this long to get this posted) Santa Barbara Tax Products Group gave me the green light to create a custom deck of cards for their marketing, promotions, and special events. While I was given almost complete creative freedom, I did not have much time. However, I had fun with this one, and got to work very closely with the great folks at RR Donnelley who handled the printing.
With RR Donnelley's expert help, proofs at every stage, constant communication and updates, honesty, and flexibility, the finished product turned out great.
These were 2-color, front and back, to stay on brand and keep the final cost down (this wasn't cheap, y'all).
My main goal was to create a custom look with no signs of branding or a sales pitch. I didn't want something that screamed promotional junk, but a playable deck of cards that folks could use anytime.