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    Tatto design
This is my title
Thia is my sub-title
Women friend of mine, wanted me to try and draw a tattoo for her.
The piece needed to consist of a semi curly black hair and a women figure,
that represents her mother.

Jedna je majka.

This friend from State of Turica has a cat who bears the name

serbian > Grigum Velicanstveni Cetiri Strane Sveta Ratnik
english > Grigum The Magnificent F
our Corners of the World Warrior

So the cat was incorporated.
Hair needed to look free > so they are in the mid air among the winds
The friend is fluffy so I made it cute and fluffy.

First of it's kind. It was new so it was interesting.

The Sketch
Stage 1.
Stage 2
Think i will do another one > Stage 3 > that will have a darker atmosphere, but will keep the joy.