Body Culture
University Projects - Traditional & Digital Art
The exterior of the body is highly over represented in Western visual culture, and thus images of he body are very politically charged. But this does not mean that there is nothing left to say about the body, or that artists should not represent it at all. The challenge we face is to move past clichéd representations of the body.
I closely investigated the body in it's natural undecorated state. The body is not just a surface, the outward appearance is very much determined by what lies underneath (muscles, bone structure).
I also investigated modern and traditional methods of decorating the body and how they are related.

Below: Digital paintings with Photoshop, assisted with investigation of skin and hair textures, digitally mimicking natural brush strokes.
Below: Oil painting on masonite of my toes, investigating of painting techniques and mixing human flesh tones from primary colours. This exercise proved highly beneficial in the study of skin tones, their undertones, shadows, highlights and natural creases.