I have the honor of leading in design for our little church family in Knoxville, TN. Since we are a church plant, we don't  have a ton to design, but as we do I plan on posting snapshots of various projects. And whenever the need arises I will post larger featured projects separately. For now, I hope you enjoy the below. 

This series started in February 2018. It centers around Jonah and how he was the world's worst prophet and how the Lord showed him grace through the midst of him being awful. 
Party Like Jesus

This is an upcoming series we are working through for our fall launch. It centers around hospitality and hosting celebrations, parties, and the like. And how Jesus hung out at parties all the time. And how he interacts with people in general.
Church is a Family

At City Church we live by this notion that we are Jesus Centered, Family, on Mission. And we wanted to emphasis this idea that because of Christ we are not only reconciled to God the Father but we are also adopted into his family. And that family includes other people who follow Jesus. In light of that we wanted to create a shirt that said just that. 
In Knoxville, as it is in Heaven

We wanted something to give to people who came to our Easter Gathering, so I was asked to design this saying up for some bumper stickers. 
Contrast Community

This is our first official sermon series. It centers around Jesus' teachings beside a really big hill, or I'm sure like most people would call it, the sermon on the mount. We wanted to show a loose depiction of Knoxville, with some notable highlights. With two versions contrasting each other in color we wanted to convey the idea that we are called to be different than culture in various ways, striving to follow Jesus and what he says life should look like. 

I designed this for our first Christmas party that was held at this swanky venue in downtown Knoxville. This ended up being the cover for our little Christmas booklet.