Jack Wolfskin SS17 footwear collection.
Among the new SS17 footwear developments, here are a few highlights.
As part of the design language, I defined a system for the studs design. Working for both lifestyle and technical shoes by combining a basic element in different ways.
New SS17 outsoles, designed by 3 different designers
Based on our core performance focus, I organised an innovation project and briefed a design studio to help us on exploring concepts. I then animated different meetings with them and the team to fine tune the directions and concepts. Several of these concepts are reflected in the new hiking and multifunctional shoes.
ALTI PLANO PRIME - premium hiking boot
On some of the projects, and mostly the hightight product (Altiplano Prime), I presented upfront the direction I wanted to give to the design. For instance, this was a high end hiking shoe. So I implemented some of the new concepts, mostly related to comfort. Also, although it was targetted to rather conservative consumers, I didn't want to make a boring grandpa shoe. The idea was to mix classical and solid construction with nice materials and details, because classical can be very valuable.
ROCKSAND - Hiking multifunction boot
On this project I briefed the design studio O.W.N. for the design concept and then developped the design until production.
The full leather low cut version (below right) was an additional proposition that I made, as it was appreciated it has been added to the collection.
PORTLAND CHILL - Leisure shoe
This was a quick add-on to the collection to offer, at a slightly higher price point, a shoe with more up-to-date materials, process (fully welded upper), and fresh color blocking.