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    A creative tribute dedicated to women
W O M A N   I S   A   C I R C L E
The circle and all forms and sinuous patterns, rotating, round are the symbol of the feminine. Signs and spaces that run along curves and sine circuits like the wave, the spiral, the crescent moon, the concentric circles, oval, circular time, the drop, the intertwined rings. These are the main symbols of the archetypal female biological matrix.
Expression of cyclicality, the circle is the main symbol of female biological matrix. It has no beginning and no end. Everything is reunited, to start each time. So is the cycle time of women: the monthly menstrual cycle, hormonal cycle of fertile life. Circle as an expression of the womb. Circle as union and interconnection expression.In circular forms, in nature,
in the cosmos, in the female body, in architectural structures, in art, there is a sense of welcome and completeness. There is the harmony of a space without breaking, without edges.
It represents the planet Venus and the copper chemical symbol.
The concentric circles are formed by the center and widen towards the outside, more and more large, as the womb that expands month after month. So is the female: it is one and then many, it is a continuous circle size, because it opens another. One is inside the other. Energy takes strength from the inner center.
A sprig of mimosa became the symbol of the day because it is a pioneer plant, spontaneous. It blooms in March. Its flowers are bright, cheerful, solar, delicate in appearance, but in fact, proud and strong.