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    These are collages I made for my Everyday Project. :)
These collages started when I was doing my Make Something Everyday Project. I decided to have a "Painting Week" so I used paintings to express whatever I'm feeling that day. I also collaborated with my friend and made artworks for his articles. I stopped my project but I still make collages every once in a while.
I'll update this from time to time. I'll dump here collages I've made using paintings and other stuff. Latest ones are at the top. :)
Disclaimer: These are personal projects. I haven't sold any of them commercially except for those images wherein all elements used are in the public domain, or from my own archives. :)
I teamed up with the amazing people from Pepper.ph to create this banner for their Game of Thrones-inspired recipes. You can check them out here: 1 Eat Like A Lannister | 2 Dothraki Blood Pie | 3 A Stark Feast
Hey Drogo.
This is my portade with the super cool Rob Cham. You can check his portrait for me here. Just click on the tag #portrades to see other portrades he did with amazing artists.
This is unpublished work for a luggage brand so I put them in my personal stash and put the phrase "Away We Go". I mixed up different tourist spots to create a "dream destination." 
I saw a post in Facebook with bad kerning.
I was bored (and vain) so I made this new self-portrait with naked ladies at the back.
Artwork for my friend's funny blogpost, 8 Stupid Things I Wish Women Would Stop Doing.
English: I don't wanna go to work.
My second artwork for my friend's blog post, It’s Time To Quit! (Your Lousy Job).
Medusa can't believe she lost her head. Or body. Haha.
That word means beautiful. But in a quirky Filipino way. It's hard to explain. Sorry. Haha.
The guy says, "You can do it, babe!"
My first collaboration with my good friend Adee. Go read The Generation of Exaggeration!