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    A Print/Poster/Outdoor execution for Guinness Asia Pacific
Made of More
In launching Guinness' new brand positioning of "Made of More", we embodied 3 individuals path as they rise to the top. As different people have different life paths, we decided to execute all three pieces in entirely different styles but still using something iconicly Guinness. 

As each life journey is told from bottom to top, it symbolises the flow of a Guinness surge when a Guinness is poured into the ever so iconic Guinness Perfect Pint. Each scene then showcases their "more moments" they put in their passion and how he climbed to the top. 

When viewing the artwork from far it just look like a refreshing pint of Guinness but on a closer look, the details truly brings out the idea of how Guinness is Made of More.
The first is the life of a Rockstar. We used a technique called illustrative photography to reveal each scene the Rockstar goes through in his journey to the stage.
The second is a journey of an Amature Pool Player who wants to make it in a competition. For this execution we use an etching like style that would resemble the scuffs the cue leaves behind when it scratches felt. This particular illustrative style was done by the talented Jennyson Rosero, one of the best illustrators I've worked with in this industry.  
The third, we made it about an underdog. The bricklayer turned business opportunist that turned around his life as he sieze the moment. As the story is architectural related, we chose an unrefined MC Echer approach in revealing his story.