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    Mars poster created inspired by the BBC series 'Wonders of the Universe".
The fourth rock out features in the second of my Wonders of the Universe poster series
Here she is. The Red Planet.
I’m excited to show off my latest in what I hope to be a continued series of “Wonders of the Universe/Solar System” posters. I had been meaning to do a follow up design for a while now and Mars just seemed the perfect planet to go to next. The quotes were actually taken from both Wonders series and I just love the descriptive nature of each. Almost like a slogan that advertises the planet as THE destination to find life.
The red planet has always fascinated me, from stories of science fiction and alien lifeforms to when we managed to send rovers to scout and explore the surface producing incredible photographs of a world we’d never properly seen before . This planet may well be our future home and it could also unlock some incredible stories about other forms of life in the universe.