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    personal and playful typographic workshop created for you!

"Play More" Color Duct tape on street • Paris
Ruban adhésif de couleur dans la rue • Paris

"Play" Color Duct tape on street, Miami

"Love" Color Duct tape on street, Miami

"Love" Color Duct tape on wood, 24"x32"
"Love" Color Duct tape on wood, 24"x32"
"Enjoy the little things in life" Color duct tape on Street, Miami
Duct tape on canvas butterfly chair
"Enjoy the little things in life." Spray paint stencil.
"La dolce vita." Type created using colored duct tape for my 29th birthday!
Typeface by Pablo Alfieri
"Enjoy the little things in life." Spray paint stencil.
"I love Thee" :: Thread on fence
"Miami" Created using over 1000 Sticky Notes (later reused)
"Pixel Heart" 
Sticky notes + Messages for newlywed couple

"Live" Sticky notes
"Drop Shadows, not bombs" Cut out paper + shadows
Created to represent communication as a two way channel, by talking and listening. I wanted to portray the relationship that should exist between talk and listen, two actions that should go together hand in hand.
"Unprotected" This umbrella has been cut out with the words that represent our current problems: Iraq, foreclosures, bailout, stocks, immigration, and healthcare.

"We should listen to kids, they all have cool stuff to say"
Printed on white organic cotton T-shirt

Mother's day greetings message + Ink on paper with tear-off tabs / Paris

Poder (Power)
Text on books installation
Meet my creative colleague "Ro" He is 46 years old! This is dedicated to all educational systems and businesses that believe Play is the opposite of work. Let's #celebrate #play, stay Cool!
I created this self reminder as an exploration for my love to ambigrams and typography after having to constantly face the mirror while doing hot bikram yoga.​
Once again, black friday day was here, a deeply family time that each of us take part by going
to the mall of choice, to buy shit we don't need! 

This was created driven by the unstoppable growth of North american consumerism that we all know. 
Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States; citizens from all over the
country are encouraged to take to the malls to boost the U.S. economy through shopping,
thereby equating consumerism with patriotism.

This is an ongoing self-initiated exploration, exposing my sentiments and ideas to the public arena.
I handwrite messages on found spiritless pieces of wood or carton, attributing new meanings to them. 

Primarily, the objective is that the intention speaks louder than the design, to the point where design is not even needed, to put a smile on our faces with a daily dose of positivity and reality as you cross the road.
They are meant to inspire, motivate, and question our internal ideas.
Vous êtes merveilleux / You are wonderful / Eres Maravilloso
Vous êtes merveilleux / You are wonderful / Eres Maravilloso
Everything you do matters / Paris.
...because you only live once / Paris.
"Go Slow" written backwards, readable by mirror reflection / Paris.
I love you / Paris
Don't underestimate the power of doing NOTHING / Paris.
In things we trust / Paris
Beging Before you are ready • Miami
You look Spectacular • Miami
You are beautiful • Miami
Stay Playful • Miami
Vamos a darle la vuelta al mundo • Istanbul
Let's find each other and feel • Miami
Beware of comfort • Miami
...In this broken world!