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Mercedes-Benz polar lights (CGI + retouching)

Mercedes-Benz C-Class polar lights (CGI + Retouching)
The impact of a Star. Not only the Sun is showing us all it's beauty at day and sometimes at night.
The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is shining too and probably the most beautiful star on our planet. See how the C-Class fits perfectly under the starry night sky, illuminated by the sun, the moon, the polar lights and distant city lights connecting heaven and earth in this image. 

CG-Artist/Photographer Sergey Poltavskiy and Photographer/Retoucher Felix Berndt teamed up to bring their visions together and create a beautiful peace of art.
This image was created as a personal project and for our "Automotive CGI" Group on Facebook.    
50% zoom / close up
making of...
- idea / concept: Felix Berndt
- art direction: Felix Berndt
- cgi artist: Sergey Poltavskiy
- dataprep, shading, lighting, rendering: Sergey Poltavskiy
- postproduction: Felix Berndt
- backplate: Indigo Studios
- stockmaterial: polar light image CC licensed by David Phan (Flickr) 

Felix: www.felixberndt.com

Backplate by: indigostudios.com
Stockimage by: David Phan
Mercedes-Benz polar lights (CGI + retouching)

Project Made For

Mercedes-Benz polar lights (CGI + retouching)

personal project of Sergey Poltavskiy and Felix Berndt