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    Line: Using wire and wood dowels to represent space.
  Two Becomes
The visual appearance of this work is very abstract in nature.  In this piece, it is the representation of two people becoming one.  The two people are represented by a wood dowel that was cut in half.  The left side of the piece represents the man.  It is a wire coil, wrapped loosely around the wood dowel.  There is a single, silver wire curled around the top of the wire coil to simulate strength.  On the bottom of the coil is a thicker, silver wire to represent courage.  Binding the two coils together is single, thin, silver wire.  This wire represents the tie that binds them together.  On the right side of the piece is another wood dowel, wrapped by a wire coil.  This is the woman.  There is a single, silver, thin wire wrapped around the wire coil to represent strength.  In the middle of these two coils and wood dowels is heart made of thin, silver wire.  This represents love.  From the coil on the right side, there is a wire that extends to another wire wrapped around the wood dowels.  This represents their strength in unity.  From this wire in the middle, hangs a cross made of wire soldered together.  This cross represents faith.  The two wood dowels start to come together and almost seem like one.  Where the two wood dowels meet, there is a wire wrapped around them and a wire hangs out from the wood dowels.  This is where two rings, made completely of thick, silver wire hang.  These rings represent commitment.  The two wood dowels are joined permanently together by a wire that was placed through the bottom of the wood dowels.  From this wire, hangs a knot of wires.  This knot represents the promise of hope.