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    Vintage Camera Collection 2012
Vintage Camera Collection 2012

Chennai,Saturday 18 th August, 2012: The world photography day was celebrated amidstmuch fanfare at the Art House, a fine art gallery in Chennai. As part of thecelebration the gallery showcased over a thousand cameras ranging from morethan a century old hand held bellows camera to the smallest antiquated cameras.The striking, rare collection was nuanced in the way it chronicled the journeyof world photography. The collection of cameras, with each having its owndistinctive character was collected by AP Sreethar for the rich heritage eachpiece holds. Each camera represents not just an era but also reflects theartistry and creative peak of that time. The image quality of each cameraproduces effects which might be outdated today but are still priceless in itscomposition and intensity that it produces. Around the world today theseage-old obsolete processes are being revived and artists are embracing thecraft to recreate these very distinctive images. That in itself is a tellingstatement of the value and gravitas those processes possess and remain to thisday irreplaceable in its unique visual impact.

As a natural progression to this exhibit is ashowing of rare and unique prints from illustrious figures from variedindustries. These images are being showcased for the first time to the publicand offer a slice of the artist’s personality that is often ignored.

The curated exhibition was inaugurated by Shri PCSreeram and it was also announced that the World Photography Day would becelebrated annually by Art House to mark the distinguished efforts whichphotography has in the world of the arts today. To create a national platformfor young minds to indulge and better understand the visual world of photographya movement called Smile Please wasunveiled. The core ethos of this movement would be to educate, promote andshowcase the young photographers.