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Class: Design Project in Companies / Tutors: Rui Costa + Teresa Franqueira + Gonçalo Gomes + Raúl Pinto
1st Cycle Degree in Design / Aveiro University (2012) 
To project a self-sustained design studio, with its very own identity, while taking advantage of a traditional portuguese product was the challange. Codfish was our assigned product.
The result? A series of so-called standard objects (dishes, glasses, an apron, a cruet and personalized bags and labels) turned into something special and fun by a "hero" that we created, called Cod-Face. Cod-Face is this cool, charismatic "guy" that wants to get closer to people, so that when we think about cod we remember him, and not a dried-out and smelly fish on the supermarket stand, that is hard to prepare and only our parents can cook.For instance, on the third dish you can read "It's faster to eat a codfish than a mackerel" ("Mais depressa se come um bacalhau do que um carapau") instead of "It's faster to catch a liar than a cripple".