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    Fh Studio was mandated to produce a Tv commercial and Radio spots in collaboration with th ad agency TP1.

Selectom Telecom gave the agency TP1 other mandates, notably, to produce its first TV campaign as part of sponsorship activities for the Euro Cup TV broadcast this past spring.“Selectcom has been advertising on the radio for years and their jingle helped to build significant awareness for the brand,” notes Pascal Desrosiers, account director, TP1. “As we prepared for the TV campaign, the challenge was respecting this part of their history, while streamlining it to fit the very sleek and modern direction we were now moving towards.”

While working with the production company FH STUDIO & the sound post-production SONART to create a new melody for Selectcom Telecom’s sound branding, creative director Patrick Williams found visual inspiration in the retro feel of Mad Men and Beetlejuice. His intention was to contrast a moody, old-fashioned atmosphere – representing the disorganized, outdated and indifferent image of the traditional telcos –

Director Amélie Couture-Telmosse at  Fh-Studio  embraced this vision, “I wanted this outdated world we were creating to be very tongue-in-cheek, to walk a fine balance between the kitsch comical and the sleek campaign we were building towards. It was a fun project and I felt completely supported in my ideas.

Ad agency: TP1
Client: Selectcom Telecom

Account Director: Pascal Desrosiers
Creative Director: Patrick Williams

Production company: Fh-Studio (
Producer: Faïçal Hajji
Production coordinator: Élodie Lamure

Production director: Faiçal Hajji

Production assistant: Farzana Asgaraly
Director: Amélie couture-Telmosse ( fh-studio )

Cinematographer: Olivier Laberge
Photo Assistant: Guillaume sabourin
Lighting / Gripping: Richard Gravel
Soundman: Dominique chartrand

Artistic Director: JF-Clement
AD Assistant: Frédérique Cournoyer Lessard

Video Editing: Dominic Pare
Color correction: Charles Boileau ( Post-Modern )

Sound editing / sound fx / Voice over: Sonart