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About our Chapel's Paintings Canvas Display
Our beautiful chapel is situated at the heart of our school. Because of the important location, an aim of the project (a canvas explaining the artwork) was for the display to blend in as much as possible. This is why a white canvas background was chosen.

The display aims to explain and draw attention to the 15 Stations of The Cross paintings, the painting above the altar and the painting in our main hall - all these paintings by artist and former pupil Kate McCrickard were commissioned by the school to mark the 2001 reopening of our Chapel.

Photographs of sections of the paintings were used on the canvas make the display blend in with the spiritual surroundings and also show the brushwork and colour choices of the artist.

The fifteen Stations of the Cross which are spread across three walls in the Chapel appear together in one line on the display, which makes them easier to follow.

The text explains some of the symbology included in the paintings.

The project was deemed a success and we think it blends in well yet at the same time draws attention to the paintings. Visitors to our Chapel have found the display informative.
Circle crops were used to highlight particular details in the painting - such as our school being held in a hand. Many people who  see the paintings every day for years had never noticed them before.

Following the fifteen Stations of the Cross paintings from side to side, the surrounding colours change from vivid red to black and back to red, and gold for the Resurrection: