After more than 45 years, Land Rover continues to set high standards the luxury SUV market. Rent a Range Rover HSE with Diamond Exotic Rentals and experience the most luxurious SUV in the world with off-road capabilities. First produced in 1970, Range Rover set a new standard for luxury SUV's. Combining great design and engineering integrity to the highest precision. 

A world of authenticity, craftsmanship and elegance takes your luxury car hire experience to a whole new level. It has become the most popular Range Rover SUVs for long term rentals in Miami, NYC, vegas and Los Angeles. Over many years, it has come to showcase the pinnacle of British Design. Inside you will find plenty of room for passengers to stretch and it can also accommodate all of your luggage. The materials used for the leather seating and veneers have been carefully chosen with quality in mind. 

Range Rover rental prices can range from city to city but the average cost is $595 per day. For long-term Range Rover rental Diamond exotic rentals offer the best discounts. Their Range Rover rentals have been carefully maintained in order to provide customers with the most beautiful luxury SUV rentals around. You can rent a Range Rover cheap by taking it for more than 3 months but there is also one-day Rentals if you just need it for an upcoming special event. There are plenty of reasons to rent a Range like taking your kid to prom, attending a wedding or transporting clients for a corporate event to name a few. After searching the web far a wide for a place to rent a Range Rover near me I was able to find  them and try their luxury car rental services. I called the toll free number and setup a Range Rover car rental in NYC. They were professional and helped me find the specific Range Rover HSE autobiography I was looking for. 

Overall it was a great luxury SUV rental experience. My wife and I drove from Manhattan to the Hamptons for the weekend to visit some family that was staying there. Everyone loved our ride. I don't own a car in New York but it's always fun to rent a luxury car every once in a while. I have a trip planned to Los Angeles for my sons prom and I he wanted me to rent a Range Rover in LA to take him and his friends around the town.