Visual identity and signing for L'Afrique C'est Chic Festival, an event about African culture. For this project, our aim was to show Africa as a fresh continent, still building itself inside, mixing things together in a way to cook a brand new recipe to grow up.

For the visual identity, we decided to create eight free fabric scarves for the visitors with the festival program on it, with eight different visuals showing the different categories shown during the three-day event. As the festival might take place in the Mémorial Acte in Pointe-à-Pitre(Guadeloupe), inside and outside, people can use these scarves to protect themselves. The front visuals are really raw, mixing African techniques and new aesthetic elements, a bit like when you cook something with all the best things you have and you're waiting for the (good) result. The back visuals are coloured but simple, in a way to give the good information.

For the signing, we decided to use scaffoldings, showing the continent in construction, with canvas hanging on them. A part of these canvas are posters with the programs / indications for the visitors to find their ways, the other part on the canvas are pieces of the eight scarves visuals.