Meet the Scientist is a series of events organized by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia together with Pleiadi Modena (franchising specialize in education for kids and adults). Experts and professors arrive in Modena from different Italian institutes to expose scientific explanations of common interest in order to render and to make them comprehensible to the general public outside of the courtroom. 
The meetings are divided into two projects: Snack Science (dedicated to kids and teenagers) and Caffè Scienza (dedicated to adults). 
The goal is to create a logotype for the initiative, maintaining the scientific theme. The target includes adults
and kids. The logotype is intended for online and printed communication, it can be used in the horizontal and vertical version or the pictogram only, depending on utilization.
Snack Science is a festival dedicated to kids and teenagers, to get involved them with experiments, logical arguments and practical activity. The target child is between 6-13 years old.

I designed this logo collaborating with the Italian comic artist Christian Cornia. With colors and the little chemical character, all kids can feel scientists in every meeting.
Caffé Scienza
Caffè Scienza is an informal scientific/medical conferences where take place in ordinary cafés. These events are opportunities to meet and discuss with experts about relevant scientific topics in a nice and relaxed place. The target is from 20 years onwards, and to everyone which is part of the medical/scientific fields.
Designed during my work at - with the supervision of art director Lorenzo Bonara.
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Meet the Scientist