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    Campaign to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of SEAT. The spanish automotive company.
SEAT 60th Anniversary 
Take a ride along SEAT's history
The Brief:
For it’s 60th Anniversary, SEAT briefed us to create a campaign to celebrate its birthday in a different way.The goals were not only to tell SEAT’s history and its relationship with thesocial development of Spain, but also to tell about the values of the brand and the views and prospects of the company regarding the future of the automotive market.
After 60 years, we still enjoy cars like children do.

For this challenge, we created an interactive video in a Brand Channel in Youtube where
the user had the possibility to take a ride along SEAT’s personality. During the trip, he could discover special content hidden along the tour.
In order to represent SEAT’s world, we created a 60 meter slot track divided in 5 different areas.
Each area represented one of the 5 main themes: History | Internationality | Innovation and Technology | Ecology | The Electric Future.

During the ride, the user could control the car, having the chance to stop and see all the extra content, hidden in several hotspots. This information went from a carrousel of old tv commercials and pictures of classic models, to the explanation of innovative ecologic projects and the introduction of SEAT’s electric sports car: the SEAT IBE.

3 weeks after the launch, the experience reached more than 500.000 interactions. The new SEAT channel, was the most viewed brand channel in YouTube Spain that month.

Creative Directors: Pablo Dachefsky and Álvaro Urueña. 
Ideation & Copywritting: Xavi Solé.
Art Direction: Cristiano Fernandes. 
Programming: Kings of Mambo.
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YouTube Brand Channel