10 Signs You May Need Glasses
The common folk has a habit of equating the need for eye glasses with aging.
This is a myth. Glasses might be a need not only for people aging but for anyone who suffers from weak eyesight. The eyes are one of the most vital sensory organs and face the brunt of air, water, dust and almost everything in the environment. It kind of goes without saying that life would be impossible if one loses their eyesight.

So, it becomes imperative to note signs and be wary, in case one needs glasses; and visit your ophthalmologist the soonest.

Some of the signs to look out for, if you need glasses are:

Blurry vision

Blurry vision is one of the most common signs that might suggest your eyes needing glasses. Blurry vision can be due to a lot of reasons, it can be due to the curvature of the eye lens, due to problems in the cornea or anything! The moment you sense letters getting blurry or if you fail to recognize a person 10 steps away from you, it's time you put on glasses. You could be suffering from myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia.

Difficulty seeing in the dark or at night

Not being able to see in the dark is the second most common sign that proposes using glasses to look. If you have issues seeing in the dark, chances are you could have near-sightedness or cataract. If its near-sightedness, glasses should make everything fine.

Double vision

If you have a problem with double vision, you have been the butt of jokes with the hand gestures. Putting the funny aside, double visions indicates serious problems with the cornea or eye muscles. Glasses might be just what you need!

Frequent headaches

Frequent headaches not only mean you are stressed, over-worked or burdened, it might mean that your vision's having problems and that you are a victim of far-sightedness.
Seeing halos around light
Not only light but if you are seeing halos around objects too, chances are that you may have an early cataract or a problem with your night vision, which can all be treated with glasses! Seeing halos means, you might be seeing circles around lights or objects with lights.

Frequent squinting

Light squinting may not be felt by you but certainly must be visible to people around you. Squinting of eyes is basically a reflex mechanism for a situation when there is too much light falling on the cornea. The eye closes slightly to reduce the amount of light falling into the cornea which makes things appear blurry. This can be either far-sightedness or near-sightedness.

Eye rubbing

Eye rubbing is also a reflex for a situation when there is a strain on the eyes. Glasses can be helpful with that eye strain and keep that eye pain away.

Difficulty at the computer or TV

With the computer screen or the TV too close to your eyes, the problem of farsightedness may develop. This can aggravate to serious issues but can be controlled with glasses.

Closing or covering one eye to watch TV or read

It is possible that you may have issues with one of the eyes and try to close one eye as you watch or read. These are the signs of developing lazy eye or astigmatism, which should be cured by using glasses.

Losing you place while reading

You might be suffering from a vision problem if you are constantly losing you place while reading a book which is suggestive of eye muscle issues or astigmatism.
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