Mineral Admiration #2
Mineral Admiration, part 2.
"Tower of Crystals", available as a print at my new online store.
"Sliced and tasty Amethyst" is already sliced and also ready to be observed as a print. 
The story of Dioptase.
This Mineral got on the Mydy Rabycad LP cover. 
One whole "Dioptase" for the front and exploding one for the back.  
Dioptase is known as a powerful stone that awaken love and compassion.
Available on the pillow and the print, check out my new store: http://karinaeibatova.tictail.com/.
Crystal logotype for the "Etamanel" concept store based in Ibiza.
Cover for the Swedish magazine "Inspire". 
Crystal logotype for the fashion boutique store based in LA.
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