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Shibumi渋み Clothing — Visual Identity


As a result of always being interested in fashion and the idea of owning limited edition pieces that you don't usually see around the streets. The idea of creating a brand that would release several capsule collections across the year was always part of the studio's plan.

The brand takes inspiration from the Japanese culture and aims to discover famous anime titles and their art to an international young public. We decided to use a word (Shibumi渋み) taken from Japanese that was easy to pronounce.


The brand represents quality, from the actual garments to the design and the processes being used to create each piece. Using (when possible) handmade processes that keep small businesses and craftsmanship alive.
Bringing the inspiration from Japanese illustration/animation that is going to be used in the clothing garments and create a brand that resonates with a younger demographic. Grow an international community around the different selection from each collection and expand across different platforms.


The visual identity had to reflect that “We Own The Streets” philosophy using the inspiration drawn from Japanese manga and anime. Showing a mix between street life with a more nerd way of life.
We designed the logotype in a condensed typography with slightly rounded corners, that represents that union between the two different ways of life. 
The brand name is also written in Japanese to accentuate that mixture of cultures.


From the strategy phase we had the idea of using the visual representation of wheatpasted posters on the streets to create a system that would transform over the collections. Each collection will feature teared pages of illustrations from the manga/anime that had inspired the collection for the promotion content and across the branding elements.

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Shibumi渋み Clothing — Visual Identity


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Shibumi渋み Clothing — Visual Identity

Shibumi Clothing is a shop specialised in streetwear featuring designs inspired by Japanese manga and anime. Bringing the Japanese culture to Wes Read More