Film Premiere at Echo Park Film Center
Gallery Show Closing at Occidental College
Film Screening at the Walker Art Center
The Echo Park Film Center Co-Op received one of the inaugural Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts Artist Project Grants last year. The grant allowed 20 artists who collectively run the space to make our own films. This Saturday, March 5th, we will premiere all of these new works. This will likely be the only time all of the original works will be seen in their entireties together. I'm honored to be a part of this incredible organization.
For a full list of participating artists click here.

I'm excited to premiere my new film Giizis Mooka'am Giiwe (Sun and Moon Rise She Goes Home). This 16mm film is a culmination of several years of investigating the time bending and space collapsing possibilities of time-lapse cinematography. I've spent countless nights capturing the moon and sun rising, the ever flowing river of traffic below my home, the exacting patterns of flights, and painting with the city lights. This meditative practice became a chance to smudge the city and create my own ceremonies and dances for the camera. Footage from this project has appeared in several iterations of installations. Now it will live as a single channel film with an original soundtrack by my partner, Jon Almaraz. Throughout these years Jon has collected field recordings on our various adventures. From owls singing mating calls, to the tents of Indian Market coming down, these sounds act as a conduit for time and space travel. Through this film I merge my hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico, with my adopted hometown of Los Angeles. The same moon and sun rise over both landscapes, just as giizis mooka'am is the way to say both sun and moon rise in Ojibwe. Giiwe, she goes home.

This weekend is also the last few days that my solo show at Occidental College will be up. The Weingart Gallery will be open from 12 to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. I will be there on Sunday between 1 and 3 pm. Come by and see it if you haven't yet, it's your last chance.
This Weekend in Los Angeles
Information about both shows can be found by clicking the links below:
Saturday, March 5 at 8 PM - Free
A Day in the Sun: New Films and Videos from Members of the Echo Park Film Center Co-Op
Echo Park Film Center and Machine Project
1200 North Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Through Sunday, March 5 - Free
Waabanishimo: Miigaadan (She Dances Till Daylight: Fight It)
Weingart Gallery at Occidental College
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles, California 90041
Weingart Gallery Hours:
Wednesday: 2-7pm
Thursday: 12-5pm
Friday: 2-7pm
Saturday: 12-5pm
Sunday: 12-5pm
For directions to Weingart Gallery, click here.
Next Weekend in Minneapolis
My super 8 film Anishinabemowin Nagishkodaading will be showing at the Walker Art Center as part of the INDIgenesis: Indigenous Filmmakers, Past and Present series happening throughout the month of March. 
Saturday, March 11 at 2 PM - Free
DNA//Memory: Storytelling and Cultural Heritage
Walker Art Center Cinema
725 Vineland Place, Minneapolis, MN 55403
March 2017

March 2017