Wukub Kame
3D Modeling
Wukub Kame or Bakum kame (seven deaths) mayan god
Proyect:  Videogame Character
Company: Rabid videogames
Client :Lionworks
Original Concept Art: Leandro Loaiza
Low poly / hair /Uv's : Gonzalo Sanchez
High poly/Texturing/Concept Art : Me (Oscar Trejo)
Redesign: Gonzalo Sanches & Me (Oscar Trejo)

Fourth Version

Fourth and last version the changes were:
 Redesign of the character
Skulls on the shoulder
Teeth on the hip
Minor details on the body
Anatomy changes

The main change was the head which I decided to make it look more like a beast  
Third Version

The changes of this version were:

Second Version

The changes of this version were :

First Version

The model was done first based on the concept art on maya, then exported to zbrush  to  be sculpted and texturized then taken back to Maya to add hair and the Normal, Specular, Cavity and Diffuse maps