Youniq - educational toy design
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    Youniq | Toy design by Ah&Oh Studio.
Educational toy design
This project was an amazing journey into the children's world. It showed us how to think and see things simpler. We had to come a long, but inspiring way from solemn educational approach to the world of joyfull children’s play.

Initially we were focused on the naming process for a new brand. Then we designed a few logotypes in which we tried to express the brand strategy, which concentred on unique potential of every child.
However, the greatest pleasure came from the stage of product design. We designed several toys and visualized some of them.

The final task was to wrap-up our products in eye-catching packaging, which would be simple, get across (and show) clearly, which abilities the toy aims to develop. Very, very inspiring project!!!

These rubber stamps have different shapes, which allow children to build letters and create their own pictures to colour in.
Moody Buddy - The Mood Swinger 
The friendly pal, who shows children all sides of his character and teaches them to recognise different emotions. This game which involves guessing how Moody feels by his facial expressions is fun for all the family. Little guide book included.

Yummy Apple
Can we save the apple from its undesired enemies - the wicked worms? The aim of the game is to pick up the magnetic worms at both ends and pull them out of the apple. Designed to improve children's motor skills.
Clever key
With this Clever Key kids will find the answers to many courious questions. Every key “unlocks” different question. Certain puzzle pieces fit in with the shape of the “question key” to give the correct answer. Made of cardboard.
Rubber stamps - Learning Your ABC
It's a game using coloured ink, which helps children to learn the construction of letters and how to recognise them. A special exercise book helps children to work and play independently.
Simple paper object helps children to understand how chromatography works. Is a black felt tip really black?