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    Integrated advertising campaign for David Taylor GMC auto dealership that included radio, TV, outdoor, direct mail and newspaper.
David Taylor GMC Turn Around
Sometimes embracing a unique personality can really connect with your audience and create a memorable experience.
The David Taylor dealership had for many years been a mainstay in southwest Houston for a quality experience if you were purchasing a Cadillac or a Buick. Several years back they added the GMC product line to their single location, but had always experienced lack luster sales and lagged behind many of the other better established GMC dealers in Houston.

They typically ranked 7th in the Houston marketplace for GMC sales. After working with dealership management to reposition their Cadillac messaging to achieve a consistent number one ranking, we turned our attention to the GMC branding and messaging. The most important consideration was to develop messaging that reflected the dealership’s personality. Well, actually we wanted to bring to life the personality of Mike Sauntry, David Taylor’s general manager. His personality was a perfect match to their GMC truck buying customers and it was time to leverage that to grab the attention of Houston’s truck buying audience. We applied his mannerisms and vernacular to radio, TV, newspaper, direct mail and outdoor. Within 60 days of launching the campaign David Taylor GMC sales were up by 25% over the previous year and within six months they were regularly flirting with the number 1 spot for GMC sales. It was honest messaging that David Taylor GMC could really deliver on. Mike Sauntry had fun, dealership staff had fun, and most importantly, customers enjoyed the campaign.