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    A paper-cut story featuring a girl who never stops dreaming.
Dream Girl
In Illustration 2 students are given the opportunity to choose their dream job. From here, students pursue the field of their choice and create a final product to share with the class. My dream job is to write and illustrate my own books, therefore I decided to use paper cuts to illustrate my own fictional story. Each panel was handcut by myself, as well as mounted and framed within its own shadow box.
There once lived a girl,
fed up with her plain gaze.
She yearned to dance and twirl,
dreaming of colors to brighten her haze.

That night in bed, 
before she began to snore,
the thought raced in her head,
what if my life wasn't such a bore?
Her thoughts took flight,
as she soared through the sky.
Azures flooded her sight,
while clouds drifted by.

Excited stirred within her,
hearing hoots echo in the distance.
Feathers whisked around her like a blur,
she floated at the height of existence. 
She listed for an exotic sound,
as emerald grass brushed her skin.
Planting her feet on the ground,
the jungle welcomed her in.

Dirt nestled between her toes,
while croaks and hisses drew near.
Fresh fragrances tickled her nose,
the wildlife filling her with cheer. 
Diving into the cerulean ocean,
she passed flippers and fins galore.
Serenity, her only emotion,
the waves charming with allure.

Bubbles floated to the top,
from friendly sea critters at play.
Swimming free with no need to stop,
she glided happily all her way. 
She awakened with bright eyes,
as she rushed to greet the morning.
She found desire to her surprise,
her vision no longer boring!

The colors she had seen,
and the animals she had met,
released her of her routine.
This will be her best day yet!