Event Management Concept App
Event Planner App Concept

This is a concept planned, based on experiences of the attendees at a Conference. The names used for the app, persons or conference do not exist in reality. For the sake of presenting my portfolio, I have picked up a small problem to be worked on.
Persona for the story

About the conference and environment

TechLady is the India's largest gathering of women technologists, where about 2500 women gather for the event.

Conference Location: Bangalore
Date and Time: Dec 4 to Dec 6, 9:00am to 6:00pm

The event would have various tracks, where speakers would be invited to share their learning and research papers It's an excellent platform for women to gather, learn, inspire, get motivated and network. The event is conducted in a star hotel. The hotel has about 9 conference rooms.They have various tracks like, User Experience, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Systems Engineering, Open Source and so on. Each track is planned in a difference conference room, which can accommodate up to 170 people.
Problems statements from the Story
Riti is not a person who can make decissions by herself. She spoke to Anita and then decided to attend the event
She went through the Agenda, but did not freeze on the sessions. There could have been multiple reasons,
The website did not have personalised approach, where she could mark the sessions
She could have made a note of it on paper or in her mobile notes, but was a time consuming task
Riti wanted to check if any of her friends were attedning the event, so she could plan for the same

During the event
She had the printed copy of the Agenda, but it took time for her to flip the pages and decide on the sessions
She was not sure how occupied the conference room would be

Approach planned
Have a app which would allow personalisation of choice
Provide the options to search the sessions quickly based on time on tracks
Provide ratings for the app
Show people from users network
Show approximate number of attendees
Make navigation system responsive to time of event.
In the navigation, show link for current events, archived events, and ongoing events
Prototypes / Wireframes

User Interface Design
Login using email or social profiles
Main Navigation
Sub navigation prior to the Event Day
Navigation would be responsive to the Event Date and time. It will have Ongoing Events, Archived Events (Day1) and Archived Events(Day2)
View Agenda
Agenda would be responsive to the Event time. It will show only the future sessions based on current time
Options to Sort by Date or Track
Options to Select Track
Event Management Concept App

Event Management Concept App

Concept app for conferences

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