The quest to explore space has inspired countless generations, and this pursuit is still alive and thriving in Florida – the Earth’s epicenter for all things space tourism. Vacationauts, the world’s first space tourism campaign, reminds travelers that choosing to make space a part of their Florida vacation, whether it’s watching a rocket launch from Cocoa Beach or visiting Kennedy Space Center, makes them more than just vacationers. They are Vacationauts.
 Created at Paradise Advertising.

CCO - Tom Merrick
Creative Director, Digital Director, Art Director, Designer - Glenn Bowman
Creative Director, Copywriter, Producer - Brian Arndt
Copywriter - Brittany Weissler Einsmann
Designer - Dylan Madigan, Caspar Blatmann
DP, Editor - Daniel Reyes
Motion Graphics - Joe Boccia
Sound Design - Eric Hunter
Producer - Susan Mulvey
AD - Simon Falkner

Photography - Dean West
Illustration & Design - Lab Partners