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    Harvest Art Gallery shows a wide array of artwork. Not committing to one certain style has given me the opportunity to show all types of talent.
Harvest Art Gallery
In the winter of 2012 I opened Harvest Art Gallery in downtown Cincinnati. The gallery itself is inside of the Engine22 Studios Building, an artist's space that I co-founded 10 years ago with a former undergraduate classmate of mine. I re-purposed 2 very large 2nd floor studios and made them into a functioning gallery. The purpose of the space is solely to show artwork that I feel the public should see. Like most cities, Cincinnati is no different in that it seems like the gallery world is almost impossible to break into, and even more maddening it seems like the galleries in town show the same mediocre artwork. As a direct result of this I decided to stop "banging my head against the wall" trying to join the scene that I had grown to loath and I made my own scene. I won't go into why I am able to use this gallery space free of charge but I will admit that it's true. This being the situation is why I am able to give the artists a full share of all sold pieces. From the beginning I wanted Harvest to be an artist friendly space and being able to forfeit all gallery commissions on sold work is the greatest way I could do that. In doing this artists aren't forced to inflate their prices and actually have a better chance at at selling more work. My ultimate goal that I am striving for is to gain experience in the gallery world beyond being the artist or the art handler in hopes that eventually this experience will transition over to a curatorial position in a museum. And really, what's better than exposing talented artists along the way on my journey.
I am trying to focus on local talent but did show DC artist (MICA 2007) Rachel Schmidt in July and will be showing Baltimore artist (MICA 2008) Lauren Boilini and Chicago artist (MICA 2008) Michael Burmeister in October. If you are interested in showing your work or proposing a group show for Harvest in the futer please contact me any time and I will gladly review your proposal.

-Michael Hurst
 February 2012. Chris Hoeting
 March 2012. Jennifer Grote
 April 2012. Anthony "Tank" Mansfield
 May 2012. Art Academy of Cincinnati juried exhibition
 July 2012. Rachel Schmidt