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Face the Fans: Backgrounds : Promo Art
Face The Fans
Art Work and Concept Art
This is a collection of work completed for a very exciting
gaming company. The first game entitled The Agency is
a the first game of it's kind to take real world articles in
the tabloids and gamefy them through celebrity rosters.

The work includes:
Celebrity Avatars,Character Design, 3D Environments, Icon creation and Advertisements
First up is a poster
created in illustrator
utlizing some of the
unlockable Avatars.
Game Screens

The heart of this game relied on the background setup
to carry the icons and UX. For each celebrity the background
would be re-skinned to fit their personality or something famous
from their carrier.
This is the initial screen. Only the couch and part
of the bar was initally visible, we thought about
extending to the right to include the bathroom
area and an ATM, but we wanted to keep the game
somewhat PG in tone.
The Dance floor aollowed the celebrity to pick a
custom playlist for their game, this applied especially
to musical guest.
Below are some very shaky promotional images.
These were created in the early first stages of this
game. However they do provide a nice glimpse into
the detail that went into creating the 3D backgrounds.
 Celebrity Skinned Rooms

Chilli -TLC
I was able to recreate the "No Scrubs," music video and make
it's elements fit over the existing game room structure.
Transforming the dance hall into Chili's swining sction of the
video presented some interesting challenges trying to get her to
swing in HTML 5.

Tay James - Justin Biebers DJ

His produced some of the best promotional art of the game.
The room was a nightclub similar to the intial room but it features
his favorite colors and a much more Miami vibe.

Below are two test
renders for the No
Scrubs Chili room
Done in Maya
Promotional Imagery
for the TLC game.
Here is Tay James
during the game.
This was created in
Maya and the characters
were done in flash.
These are my favorite
pieces of promtional
imagery on the previous
Celebs it was always
so rushed, these gave
me a moment to slow
things down and using
the initial outfits create
some great poses.
Sea Shepperd a.k.a Whale Wars
and Paul Watson

The Ship was created in Maya and getting it to scale to the room
was a great challenge. The intial sketch was completed in an afternoon
the 3D model took at day, and the texture painting took a morning.

Halloween Scene
Done in Maya, textures
were created in photoshop
Bootsy Collins- Moon Palace
This was the ultimate
funktastic game page.
He loved it.
I Heart Radio - Jingle Jam
I honestly had not idea this
was such a huge deal until
I started researching for the
art work. It was taking place
in Miami.
Face the Fans: Backgrounds : Promo Art

Face the Fans: Backgrounds : Promo Art

Art work done for a very exciting social gaming company. Face the Fans puts celebrities biggest fans head to head against them in a fun online en Read More

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