Newly recruited as the star of Teen Planet’s TV show, you must make the cast become best friends - otherwise the TV show will be cancelled! 

- Be charismatic as the anchor of the Teen Planet TV Show.

- Guide the cast to success as you build a friendly atmosphere on the TV set to keep the Teen Planet’s TV show on air.

- Be the best friend one can ever have: be attentive, care for your friends, advise them and support them when needed.

- Have fun through many different activities to build stronger friendships.

- Engage cast members in a variety of activities to improve their skills for the show.
When I began to work at Longtail Studios in October 2008, Best Friends Tonight's production has already started.  With the collaboration of my fellow designers, I prototyped front-end user interface such as the in-game mobile phone and scheduling tools with Adobe Flash.

 You can buy the game on Amazon or any other good retailers.