- Illustration and Design work
Design and illustration work done during the last years within, the first french slackline company.  Different projects were made from original concept and ideas to final editing, it could be advertising, logos et t-shirts design, stickers or even trophies molding! A great and rewarding experience with my fellow slackliners! So long as it lasts!
Illustration and ad for a new weblock called FatLock
Various designs for an advertising showing the High Line Grip
Molded trophies for the Rock The Line slackline championship
Logo design for the Rock The Line trickline championship
Designs for and AntiPop Slackline Wear neck warmers 
Illustrations and designs for AntiPop Slackline Wear - Spring 2016
Design, screen printing for AntiPop handmade boxes
Various designs for slackline sets
Design of slackline sets booklet
Various logo designs -
Sticker designs - AntiPop Slackline Wear
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