PROJECT SCOPE: Naming, Logo, Website & Branding

As a team member at IM Design Group, we were asked to rebrand the Mental Health Center of East Central Kansas, a community mental health center that serves seven counties in East Central Kansas. We started with a naming and ultimately landed on CrossWinds Counseling & Wellness – short, easy to understand and likely to eliminate any stigmas associated with a community mental health center or the type of clients served there. The logo was chosen to be a wordmark that is clean, but also has some movement and flow to represent wind. Various print pieces and trade show items were designed to communicate the visual identity of CrossWinds to a variety of audiences. A custom, mobile-friendly website was also created to offer a variety of information about services as well as mental wellness education and resources. 

Extensive brand research was also completed to get an understanding of the attitudes towards mental health in East Central Kansas and help CrossWinds clarify its brand within its market area. Although the brand research wasn't comprehensive, it did provide a clear road map for CrossWinds' brand positioning: CrossWinds provides individuals with the tools they need to manage their own wellness so that they can better cope with the circumstances of everyday life. With the brand research and positioning statement as a guide, a marketing strategy was then created which included suggested media buys, advertising frequency, campaign design and management.