SUPER MULE / Blue Grass in Healdsburg @ Bergamot Alley
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    Sketching at an awesome bluegrass gig in Healdsburg, California.


About a block from my design studio & gallery in downtown Healdsburg is a cool wine bar called Bergamot Alley. I heard there was going to be a blue grass concert there tonight. My friend Sandy emailed me that her daughter and she were going because their friend Michael was in the band. I ran into my friend Hugh today as I was walking the streets and he reminded me, too. I recall Michael had told me about tonight's intimate concert in the recent past.

So I went.

And I took art supplies, as I am want to do. I took two ink pens. One Pencil. One black marker and a blue and an orange prisma-colored pencil. And some nice French textured watercolor paper. It was time, again, to draw LIVE while the music played. I present to you the sketches I made as the band played on. The band rocked. Really original & tight. Michael was playing drums and I could not see him much but I figured him into the art as best I could.
The blue grass band is called SUPER MULE. They are awesome.
There were seven musicians. Two guitars. A stand up bass. Mandolin. Banjo. Violin. Drums. I tried to capture the instruments and the characters. And the joint was jumpin'. I had two glasses of white Burgundy Chardonnay.
I enjoy drawing like this - on the fly - without a safety net.
When drawing LIVE - I do my best to draw AND DESIGN as I sketch.
To invent and literally improvise what I see and hear and put it down on paper. Designing AND drawing. Because - after all - all art contains good design.
The banjo player's 2-year old son walked on stage and danced and held the microphone stand. Here's a quick sketch. The dude has a bright future.

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