a wall art i did for YATS.COLONY hotel rooms, Yogyakarta
media : screen print on wood
size : 90 x 160 cm

YATS Colony is a multiple and inclusive collection of memories. It is a home for a hotel, a bistro, a boutique and a collaborative working space, built from the compassion of the founding family. Location : Jl. Patangpuluhan No.23, Patangpuluhan, Wirobrajan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 

Client : Yats Colony (A&R Hospitality) 
concept & illustration : sarkodit
Screen print and production : Kuteken Print Shop
Photo : Yats Collony hotel, Ayla Dimitri, Aditya Pratama, Unsa Arifa 

design process
design process
production  process
final result (photo by : Unsa Arifa)
photo by yats collony & Ayla Dimitri