Animated GIF, documentation
Front image of installation at University of fine arts in Bratislava, Slovakia,
during my Bachelor exibition, May 2016
Exibition view from Group exibition "Doteraz" in Dot Gallery, July 2016


Bachelor Installation, VŠVU, 2016
Acrylic Paint and Spray Paint on Wood and Plastic.

I like to think about my work as a process of deconstruction of a painting.  By the process of taking apart colors
of an image and dividing them into standalone color fields, I create an artwork. Divided color fields — image layers,
can be used as separate fragments or folded as a whole object.  This provides me with the opportunity to adjust the image freely.

Folding layers to each other, forms an embossed image. While working on composition I experiment with different materials matching the physical nature of the main object itself. Paper, wood, plastic. Furthermore, I would like to experiment
with foam rubber and a wider range of soft and hard materials. The most important tool of expression for me is the cut. Creating cutwork itself is contradicting because creation is made by destruction. Layers are drawn and cut separately.
I consider this as a drawing. The color usually acts only as a filler. Colors are applied by brush or spray painting.
Sometimes I would leave just the raw material without coloring. The picture itself is based on the 2D image. Embossed artwork creates conflict by displaying 2D image presented in 3D form. There is a tension. My artwork exposes real world objects that are transformed into surreality. Dematerialized. Etherical.

Because of this reason I chose as source of inspiration advertising photography, which is usually far from reality. Shimmering, specular highlights, high saturation, they all work together to make my objects look imaginary.

During the selection process I collect objects based on their shape similarity. By carefully selecting and composing these objects into installation I try to influence viewers perception of reality to give him sense of another dimension. Expose his
subconsciousness and use it to experience fleshiness, sensuality and hidden sexuality of the objects.

Hot tomatos