DOT Porcelain Tray. Part of DOT Porcelain Collection
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    'DOT Porcelain Tray' is the first piece of the family 'DOT Porcelain Collection'.
DOT Porcelain Tray
Serving tray part of the DOT Porcelain Collection
Co-designed with Ahsayane Studio
Dot Porcelain Tray is thefirst piece of the family ‘Dot Porcelain Collection’.

It is a single piece traymade out of porcelain. From the material of tray flows a porcelain pot,creating a single piece object made out of porcelain.

The vase is placed close tothe edge of the rounded plate, to be used as a serving accessory with manypurposes. The original idea is inspired in the different elements served duringthe coffee or tea moment, such as sugar, cookies, candies, etc. But its usesare more extensive as it can be filled with other utensils such as coffeespoons, little decoration or even the business cards of a cute cafe.