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    Drawing in a dark theater while the Cuban band rocked the night away.
Live at The Raven Theater, Healdsburg California

Last night as I was preparing to walk from my downtown studio to The Raven Theater I did what I always do... grab art & drawing supplies. I didn't find many because I have been working on a major project from home and there was, embarrassingly, not much to choose from in town. Fortunately I had a small POSTCARD pad (I love that paper) with a few pages left. And a common blue pen.

The theater was packed and there was a lot of excitement in the air. The Cuban musicians were on a short visa and this rare performance was a real treat. They were fantastico. The audience was asked not to dance in the aisles due to fire codes. The audience danced wildly in the aisles. And the artist sketched.

The lights were down but I could see the paper a little bit in the dark. I love that. Pure drawing. Trying to capture the energy. The sound. La musica. Y todo.

I present you my impressions of TRADISON Live from Healdsburg, California.
I polished up this drawing in photo shop using filters, wands and paint buckets.
From the beginning I knew I wanted to capture those suave WHITE JACKETS that created such a nice visual effect. So I drew SHAPES. Playing with placement, composition and scale. Fast. Joyfully. Groovily. As I bopped to the beat. 

Below is the original sketch of the art above.
See the Music. See the Energy. See the Lght made in the Dark.
As I was running out of sketch paper I moved to the front row for a closer angle. In front of me on an extended part of the stage; lying there was one piece of blank copy paper and a black magic marker. The angel of art was near. I drew this as my last drawing. For an artist, wonders never cease.
Gracias por su atención y escuchar mis amigos!