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    New things I have been working on.
The last swim of the snorkeling pig
swim it!
I called it, "the last swim of the snorkeling pig", but maybe he´ll be safe...
I started with an ink line drawing, scanned it and filled it with halftones in photoshop, it´s a great way to save on inks for the printing part. At the very end I added some texture to the background, is just some rough paper with a color burn layer mode and low opacity black brush for extra shadows.
Here´s some pictures of the process:
Food Chain

 This is a line drawing painted with watercolors, the second fish from left to right is a shark, the rest are
unknown beasts and leviathans from the deep seas...

The background is digital.


Just a woman with fishy thoughts....
Line drawing, (rapidógrafos sobre opalina 11 x 17) painted in photoshop.