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    abandoned hotel
Pines Hotel
This luxury hotel was built in 1898-1900 and was active till 1995. The hotel has a long history. The name of the hotel was originally Hotel Fürst zu stolberg (prince of stolberg hotel). After the second world war in 1945 the name of the hotel changed. Due to it's proximity to the East/West border, the hotel could only be visited by permission all guest had to wear ID tags at all times.

The most common guest were government officials and wealthy businessmen. Rumors go of secret parties held at the night club under the hotel. After the reunification of Germany in 1990 the high class guests disappear so the hotel was rebuild in a travel hotel until 1995 when it was closed for good.

Years past and the hotel started to decay slowly until in 2007 an anonymous bidder paid € 43,000 for the hotel. Until today (2012) the 114 years old hotel is still there waiting to be reconverted.