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There are many people who hunt for a good water bottle, jars made of plastics or glasses, one which is safe and does not leach chemicals, doesn’t leak and keeps the water hygienic for hours and easily fits in bags or purses. These are few good reasons not to buy your glass bottle from a common store. To have a trustworthy product you can buy your preferred glass bottle from a dependable glass bottle outlet.
Glass bottle outlet is relied by innumerable and satisfied customers were set up in 2013 from a small room, but now it is commonly known by every person because of its quality. It not only has a wide collection of glass bottles, but also it has selections of plastic bottles, closures, boxes etc.   
There are many options available in the market when it comes to glass bottles, but the crucial thing which is the main factor to consider is that the water is stored safely in bottle, without chemicals from the container leaching into it. Over the past years, the main concerns about the plastic bottle is chemical BPA, which is a key ingredient found in normal plastic bottles. To be on the safer side you can choose a reliable bottle agency and get varied benefits.
Types of Glass Bottles:
Amber Bottles : These are brown colored bottles which are found in various forms, the main feature of this glass bottle is, it is used to keep essential oils, massage oils, handmade gift packaging etc. it is designed to protect ingredients from UV light.
These bottles also found with black caps, it avoids spillage, it have capacity to hold ½ OZ, it can hold various liquids and save them from UV rays. It can also work as a homemade gift package also.
These bottles are also found in dropper, this are light weighted and keeps the children safe from coming into contact with the bottle contents. It allows you to dispense precise drops of liquid whenever and wherever you need to. You can buy these bottles at low prices without sacrificing the quality.
Clear Bottles: These clear bottles are used to keep essential oils, other liquids, massage oils. This simple ½ oz. clear Boston round glass bottle is a small yet priceless container for various purposes. This bottle is also found in different shapes and with different openers like dropper, sprayers etc.
These bottles are designed to fit the bottle securely to protect its content and the clear glass displays the content accurately.  These bottles are cost-effective and have various uses; it is a highly effective storing solution. These are perfect to store cosmetics, herbal extracts and essential oils. This can be also used for various decorations in your home.
 Cobalt Blue: These bottles are also used for extracts, oils etc. These bottles are also found with different closures. These blue glass bottles protect materials from UV light, therefore keeping ingredients fresher longer. There are quite a few options when it comes to storing liquids, herbs, and spices at home or even for commercial use. 
This bottle is an ideal choice as it meets many different storage needs of household. The black poly cone cap is of high quality and assures a tight seal. Thus, the cobalt blue boston round bottle is the ideal choice when needing a simplistic and durable storage solution.
Frosted Bottles: These are white colored bottles which are also found in various shapes and sizes. You can get same closures bottles like clear bottles and amber bottles.

Green Bottles: These bottles are green and it protects the materials from UV rays, these are available in different shapes and sizes.
These are few glass bottles which are found widely in the market, but you need to make correct choice to get the best quality. You can also contact the Glass Bottle Outlet and get the desired quality bottle.​​​​​​​