Petit Fou - Corporate identity

Petit Fou - Corporate identity 

The concept of the corporate design is based on the brand name Petit Fou which translates as “little crazy one“. As well as the product, the brand is young, fun and charming. The custom made font adapts the 45° angles from the clutches base structure and provides many quirky details. The logo follows a 9 point grid along every format and offers playful application possibilities. Pleasant details are included, for example the “Thank you“: When the invoice is folded, it is the first thing to see when opening the envelope. The guiding thread is continued as far as the custom packaging, where the box is signed by each clutch artisan.

client Petit Fou
work concept, corporate identity, art direction, typography, packaging, exhibition design, final artwork
production digital printing, laser cutting
creative director Max Kuehne
for Paperlux

Petit Fou - Corporate identity