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    Kush is a two layer (two colour) display type face that's a lof of fun to look at to work with
OHG Kush
A two layer display font by Our House Graphics
Kush is what happens when you let your fonts sit around watching cartoons and eating cake and ice-cream all day—When their vectors are freed from constraints and allowed to follow their bliss. Kush has filled its insides to just the other side of contentment and comes to you on a sugar high with a head full of Loony Tunes.
And... It’s two ply!

A fresh new two-layered decorative OpenType, display face from Our House Graphics with a plush, organic feel, Kush has 370 glyphs, over two dozen standard and discretionary ligatures and a few more
Kush Fat and Kush Shade work well independently but together they become a double-strike or two layer font. Simply type some text in Kush Shade, copy it and paste it back on top of your original text. Then change the top layer to Kush Fat and adjust the colours to your liking.
For best results, use default settings for kerning and tracking (letter spacing).