Rocking cradle “Hojdačka”

This product was created primarily for my brother´s twins Dora and Rosa. They were born in day, when I presented at school this project. My beautiful nieces were the main and strong inspiration, why I have started looking for furniture for twins and others children. I couldn´t find nothing clever and beautiful for them, so I decided to create universal cradle for them and also for their parents. In final form the cradle is perfect product for all generation.
The product is wooden bench with rocking stainless base, which you can easily change to cradle for your babies. Inspiration for my product was old type of rocking cradle, which used all the time in history, but in present time disappeared. The big advantage of the product is, that can be use by every generations all the time, thanks for it variability. The uphostery is removeable and washable in washing machine.

The proposal was originaly created for international competition named "Rings on the water 2012", which organize slovak organisation ULUV ( 
The competition is about history of our culture, folklore and application these ideas to the future. 
It is means like "folklore is not dead".
The "Hojdačka" won in this competition great 2nd prize in category of "wood".

Photographer: Filip Gyore
Design and visualisations: Eliška Dudová
Models: Ivana Fratričová with family, Barbora Lodeova with my nieces Dora and Rosa