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    Let's have a rational conversation for the future of our city and country.
2017 is filled with national politic turbulence. Unlike the states, Indonesia is moving forward, one step at the time, one city at the time, however, we're stumbled by the good old issue. Racism.

These artworks are inspired by the great Noma Bar.
Mr Jokowi is our dear president. Despite his simple and humble personality, lay a stoic and stubborn character. His stance against the US-backed Freeport in Papua has been thought to be the reason of this political turbulence. 

Jokowi is fighting for equality all across Indonesia. The first, since Soekarno to defy United States corporation. 
This is Ahok. Ahok is a representation of the minority of Indonesia who manage to raise above the perception of Chinese Indonesian and change the face of Indonesian's democracy. His transparency and honesty are unquestionable. Although he's not a man without weakness. His ruthlessness towards draggy and lazy bureaucracy are often interpreted as impoliteness. He's currently criminalised for an injustice accusation against him by the Extremist group in Indonesia which had rallied thousands of people. 
Anies Baswedan is a respected figure, especially in Indonesia's education. He is the founder of 'Indonesia Mengajar', a program to spread education nationwide. He is currently running against Ahok for Jakarta's governorship after he was let go by Jokowi on his last cabinet reshuffling. Many suspected his lack of proven action as the reason for Jokowi to let him go. His campaign for governorship had revealed the other side of him. Behind those soft spoken and quote worthy sentences, there are great ambitions for power. His programs are facing scrutiny for their legality and truthfulness. Many people believe that his sweet promises are nothing but carrots for voters. 0%? 0 RP credit for housing? or now, flats?
This is our 6th President. He has what so called post-power syndrome. He's consistently over reacting to everything that happened in our country. Maybe because he's scared of the actions taken by our current president, Mr Jokowi, from releasing the criminalised ex chief of anti corruption organisation, visiting the abandoned projects from his era, to the facts that his son is running for governorship with no solid plans and understanding of the city and its people. His favorite activity in his retirement is everything related to microphone. Releasing album and weird press conference. 
This is the self proclaimed leader of the radical religious organisation in Indonesia. They claim they are Moslems. I personally doubted that. They are no different than thugs who shrouded themselves with religious attires. He was featured on every newspaper headlines for months because of his silly and dumb accusations, from how he found a communist symbols on the new Indonesian's money, to the hate speech, insulting the symbol of our nation and our founding father, President Soekarno. 

He is currently busy with summons after summons from National Police for his past actions. The latest, the irony, a sex tape case. 

The purpose of this artwork is to share my personal perspective and also to start conversation regarding this issue. I believe, we can't solve problems or achieve understanding without talking to one another. I'm definitely a voter for Ahok and I deeply wish he would be our next governor, for the works he had done. However, I also respect the fact that we have different opinions.

Art has the power to start conversation. Let's have one.